Llandgrabb Elementary School

Homework project: All About Me

Name: Nairobi Soto

Class: 1

09-27-16_10-18-07-amMy name Is Nairobi Soto I am 8 years old. My favourite colour is Blue. 

My favourite TV show is Llamaman to the rescue.

My favourite food is Yummy Chocolate brownies.

 My favourite song is Mendelssohn’s Rondo Capriccioso.  Ms Solano sometimes plays it for me on her piano when I visit her apartment.

I’m going to be a classical pianist, a baker and a nurse when I grow up. Meany Mina say’s I wont be able to do all three but Nefe say’s i can be whatever I want as long as I work hard. 

I live with my big sister Nefetari in Newcrest on the Key Estate.

We live in the second building our apartment is on the 4th floor.09-27-16_11-15-59-amNefetari is my guardian our parents and brothers died when I was a baby. I don’t remember them but Nefe talks about them all the time, sometimes it makes her sad to talk about them but some of her stories are funny so she laughs too.09-27-16_11-28-08-am

Ms Solano always Picks me up from school as Nefe is still at work. She’s my babysitter and Piano teacher and helps me with my homework. She lives in the apartment above us. 

I hate school (Ms Solano says  shouldn’t write that on a school project but she also says I shouldn’t tell lies so i’m not changing it).

My best friend is Luca he goes to Llandgrabb elementary like me. We meet in the park sometimes and play Kraken Attack! 09-28-16_12-11-56 PM.png

I love living in Newcrest there is lots to do here. Nefe takes me to the movies and  Chum-cha Slice on the weekends and we have a family dinner with Ms Solano on sundays.

Her children are all grown up and have moved away she says we are her family too so she loves to cook for us. she makes the most yummy brownies Nefe’s food is yuck but she says she’s trying to learn.

Ms Solano told me she cant eat the brownies as its bad for her dieabeetees Diabetes  but I’ve seen her sneaking one when she thinks i’m not looking.  09-27-16_11-27-12-am

This our family. 09-28-16_11-46-54 AM.png


The Move—>




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