Nairobi’s letter

                                                                                                                                 Nairobi Soto

2B Jasmine Suites Apartment 

San Myshuno



Hi Bighead, Luca

Do you miss me yet? I miss you and our old apartment. Its so boring here not much for a kid to do there are no jungle gyms or monkey bars. There are heaps of weirdo’s dressed up in wrestling masks and raccoon costumes but not much else.

Nefe says I’ve got to just give it a chance and i’ll grow to love it once the festivals start but I seriously doubt it. Our first apartment was horrid  it was so filthy there were even mouse holes. I hadn’t seen any mice though so that was one good thing.

We moved into another Apartment a few days ago and Nefe decorated. it’s kinda pretty with all the pictures and flowery stuff.

I’m home alone a lot as Nefe’s always out. she says its cause of her job and once things settle down she’ll start working from home.

School is ok My teacher Ms Rasoya  Lives in the Culpepper apartments which is the building next door. I made some friends Angela and Lilith pleasant. I like them a lot I think you will too if you get to meet them. we play multiplayer games on the console (even though their mum says they’re not allowed cuz they should be studying)

Anyway don’t take too long to write back I want to know what you’ve been doing since I’ve been gone.

kraken ranger blue signing out..

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